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Gina Takes a Walk

After you download the PDF, open with Adobe Reader.

Print page one (1) first.

Then flip paper over and print page two (2) with the same settings.

Make sure you use standard letter size paper,

and that you orient the paper so the back does not print upside down to the front.

An easy way to see if you have it right, is to hold it up to a light, or a sunny window, so you can see the back through the front. If it’s right, the dotted line on back should frame the edge of the picture on the front.

If you want it stiff, like real bookmarks, you need to print it on heavier paper, like card stock.

After you have both sides printed, cut out along the outside red dotted line printed on the back.

If you do not have Adobe Reader, click here  for free down load.

Be sure to Unselect the McAfee option.

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