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Incredible and Satirical Tales of a Substitute Teacher

By Virginia Minick Aka Gina Blue


  Absolutely necessary to survive the War of the Wits and Sometimes Witless in the K-12 public school classroom. Gina Blue, a Master Substitute Teacher, is without a funny bone and desperately seeking humor. After enrolling in Humor Acquisition 1, she acquires a silly attitude and begins to write her incredible and satirical tales!

ISBN 9780595243280



Virginia Minick, aka Gina Blue, is a mother, grand mother and retired teacher.

Her teaching career not only paid the bills, but generated the material for her first book,

Desperately Seeking Humor; Incredible and Saterical Tales of a Substitute Teacher, published in 2002.

You can find Gina at:

Coloring books and crayons...What a wonderful way to spend time together!

Join Gramma and Eva as they chat and color together. Gramma is wise ( as Grammas are) and plans a luncheon for Eva’s 8th birthday.

She shares with Eva her coloring books from time gone by and then surprises her with a gift to celebrate their special time together.

This is a Read-n-Color book. After reading the story, bring it to life by coloring the pictures. Enjoy!

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ISBN-13: 978-1941032060
ISBN-10: 1941032060
BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Activity Books