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Hi Folks, for a free copy of Gina Takes A Walk, just click this                button

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If you would like a copy, Personalized and Signed by the artist,

just send $2.00, USA only, plus your  name and address to:

Place Mark Books   P.O. Box 602  Conneaut, Oh  44030

Kids don’t forget to ask your parents first.


Gina takes a Walk is the first in my series of Place Mark Books. It is a one page picture story for kids, that is folded into a 7 layer book mark. Each story has the name on the title left blank to be filled in with your childs name, making each story a personal fantazy for every child. Plus it can be cut into 7 seporate book marks, and finally,if they wish, all 7 can be glued into one big Story Strip almost 5 feet long.